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Rethinking Labels!

We have come to a point where wasting resources is no longer an option. Sustainability has been adopted as a central aspect of all long-term business processes. As a convinced "climate partner", System Print has sustainably optimized fundamental production steps and selected the most possible resource-saving energy sources in order to ensure a climate-neutral production. To go further steps, we are thrilled to help our customers designing label and packaging solutions, which conserve our environment. Without a doubt, a sustainable product design begins with the packaging. And labels are an integral part of this sustainable packaging design. Our goal of sustainable labels must be to reduce the environmental impact of their production, while maximizing their life cycle. Let us guide you to sustainable labeling.

Sustainability has many faces and we pursue all possible approaches:


Recycling enables to close the loop and to reprocess unavoidably required resources and create a new product from them - for example new label material. As a result, the life cycle of a label can be extended tremendously. We show our customers a wide variety of paper and film materials with a recycled content of up to 100 percent. We have happily and successfully supported many customers during a seamless switch to our RecyclingCoat or RecyclingPP. Furthermore, we recently started introducing thermal labels made from 100 percent recycled fibres – the latest addition to our sustainability portfolio. The world is rethinking and so are we.


Another approach to save valuable resources is to reduce the material input. Basically, a downsizing of the packaging. The megatrend towards ever thinner and more resource-efficient packaging has long been adopted within many brands´ sustainability targets. Sometimes less is more!
Sometimes, existing solutions simply have to be rethought. Rethinking labels can also help to achieve the sustainability goal of your brand. For example, wash-off adhesives enable to recover the granules from disposable PET bottles and other PET packaging. This innovative adhesive detaches cleanly during the recycling-process so that the PET flakes can be recovered without any pollution of the label that used to be a major problem in the recycling process earlier.
It is also an option to make the switch to alternative, more sustainable materials. Thanks to its ecological appeal, grass paper, which can be harvested multiple times a year, is a true success story and represents a compostable and recyclable alternative to conventional paper labels made from fresh fibres. Just like grass paper labels or compostable PE filmic labels, there are countless innovative materials that make a real difference. We'd love to help you make the difference!

Recycling waste smartly!

There is no doubt, our society has a waste problem. The linear use of valuable resources is driving climate change inexorably. Our label industry must also face this problem consequently. Sustainable solutions must be implemented, which extend the lifecycle of labels and integrate the unavoidable waste into a circular economy. When labelling products, immense amounts of label release liner material are left behind. So far, these materials have structurally been neglected within waste stream processes as technology lacked to de-siliconize the paper release liner and recycle the pulp effectively. Thanks to innovative liner recycling programs, the loop can now be closed and those valuable resource can be integrated into circularity to create new label materials. The liner material is collected at customer sites and can be reprocessed to recycle up to 75 percent of the waste. Additionally, we started to collect the release liner, which is a considerably extensive waste product of our label production, and added it to the liner recycling program as well. It is a simple equation: for every ton of label liner that we collect and recycle together with our customers, 13 trees remain in our forests. And it's that simple: We collect waste, conserve resources, improve our company's carbon footprint and save money at the same time.

One simple step to make the difference!

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