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Smart and Secure Labels

Smart and Secure!

Secure labels are labels that are used to protect against brand theft or counterfeiting.

Whether in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics or electronics industry, the global market is flooded with counterfeits and replicas from every industry. By applying different security solutions, brands increasingly need to protect the integrity of their products against product counterfeiting and tampering. Through tamper evident or luminescent features, holographic threads and NFC identification, Secure Labels offer a simple and flexible solution for tracking authenticity.


  • Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Logistics Costs Reduction
  • End-to-End traceability
  • Tamper-Evidence and Counterfeit protection
  • Securing Brand Intergrity
  • Secure Supply Chains

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Automotive Labels, Pharma Labels, Personal Care Labels, Wine and Spirit Labels, Logistic Labels


RFID labels, NFC labels, Secure Labels, Security Labels, Tamper-Evident Labels, Seal Labels