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Resealable Labels

A Sealing Experience!

Re-sealable labels are increasingly being used for products whose packaging has to be opened and closed several times. These labels can be designed with special materials and pressure-sensitive adhesives to ensure the most convenient and frequent resealing experience without any loss of adhesion. A partial deactivation of the adhesive greatly simplifies handling for the consumer. Applying preprinting and embellishment techniques is additionally possible for resealable labels.

Resealable packaging has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. Often only a portion of the content of a product package is being removed, so that the packaging must be resealed again. In this cases, re-sealable labels allow a way to keep the contents of the packaging ideally conditioned, and at the same time, offer a certain application experience to the user. An additional grip flap enables easy opening and sealing, even with flexible packaging. Printing with low-migration, food-approved inks even allows resealable labels to be applied onto dry, moist, and fatty foods.


  • Re-sealable multiple times without damaging the packaging
  • Easy to open due to additional grip flap
  • Suitable for food packaging due to low migration inks
  • Individually printable

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Food packaging, Wet Wipes, Personal Care Packaging, Pet Food Packaging


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