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Printed Labels

Diversity is sticky!

We deliver Printed Product Labels regardless of the size, color or application. Individual product labels are used to help increasing the brand visibility at the POS or simply to carry essential product information in accordance with the regulatory compliance. Besides to their unique and decorative appearance, they contain barcodes, instructions for use, ingredients and hazard symbols.

It is all about recognition. Pressure sensitive labels create the connection between a strong brand and its products. Printed Labels are able to build and strengthen brand recognition where it’s needed the most. Our variety of printing and embellishment technologies enable to highlight the individuality of a label. We are happy to help carrying your brand image.

  • High-class product labels
  • Individuality through embellishment
  • Functionality meets creativity
  • Low-Migration Labels

Food & Beverage Packaging, Personal Care goods, Pharmaceutical products, Industrial and Chemicals containers


Product Labels, Printed Labels, Embellished Labels