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Identification Labels

A Lifetime of Labelling!

Identification labels are used for the permanent labelling of components and devices and must endure under the harshest conditions such as extreme temperatures, chemical liquids, as well as UV and mechanical strain. These high-quality materials enable labelling on the most demanding substrates and surfaces - but also residue-free detachability.

Many durable goods must perform in harsh environments for a long period of time. This is precisely why descriptive information such as a serial number, performance data and a barcode cannot be dispensed. When labelling automotive parts, industrial products, outdoor equipment and electronical components, the challenge is to choose a suitable high-quality label material which is able to endure for the lifetime of the product. Depending on the application, different materials have to be chosen. We are happy to assist you with our expertise in this field.


  • Proven Durability
  • Labeling in harsh environments
  • Consistent Performance
  • Quality Materials

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Automotive Labels, Electronic Component Labels, High Temperature Labels, Industrial Labels, Drum Labeling, Cables Labeling, Outdoor Labeling


Identification Plates, Equipment labels, Heat-resistant labels, UV-resistant labels