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There is no doubt, our society has a waste problem. The linear use of valuable resources is driving climate change inexorably. Our label industry must also face this problem consequently. Sustainable solutions must be implemented, which extend the lifecycle of labels and integrate the unavoidable waste into a circular economy. When labelling products, immense amounts of label release liner material are left behind. So far, these materials have structurally been neglected within waste stream processes as technology lacked to de-siliconize the paper release liner and recycle the pulp effectively. Thanks to innovative liner recycling programs, the loop can now be closed and those valuable resource can be integrated into circularity to create new label materials. The liner material is collected at customer sites and can be reprocessed to recycle up to 75 percent of the waste. Additionally, we started to collect the release liner, which is a considerably extensive waste product of our label production, and added it to the liner recycling program as well. It is a simple equation: for every ton of label liner that we collect and recycle together with our customers, 13 trees remain in our forests. And it's that simple: We collect waste, conserve resources, improve our company's carbon footprint and save money at the same time.

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