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Booklet Labels

No space? No Problem!

When producing our booklet labels, a fan-folded booklet is inserted into label material, resulting in a self-adhesive label with up to 32 pages. Hence, while avoiding extra packaging, our booklet labels enable multilingual manuals, product descriptions or brochures to be attached to your product in a space-saving manner.

Saving space with ease! Many brands use booklet labels to meet the manufacturer's legal obligation to provide product information. In this case, Booklet labels offer sufficient space on the smallest packaging for all essential information. A transparent or pre-printed top label protects the fan-folded booklet and can be easily opened and resealed several times. The advantages are obvious: a leaflet in the form of a self-adhesive label. Without requiring extra packaging, the appearance of your product is retained and the required leaflet can be labelled fully automatically onto the product.


  • Up to 32 Pages
  • Resealable multiple times
  • Flexible and individual
  • Extended Content Information on limited space
  • Suitable for a variety of applications

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Food & Beverage Packaging, Personal Care goods, Pharmaceutical products, Industrial and Chemicals containers


Booklet-Label, Multipage Label