Printed labels from our own production

The label-printing-house with system


With the expansion of our machinery park to include the Nilpeter 6 colour UV flexographic printing press we now also offer our clients the ideal solution for the cost-effective printing of medium and large-scale label print runs.

This enables us to augment our familiar flexibility and cost-effectiveness associated with smaller label print runs to include larger quantities. In particular we are now capable of producing the 4 CMYK Euroscale colours plus 2 additional spot colours in a single printing pass.

Alternatively it is of course also possible to combine 6 spot colours. Flexibility that is worthwhile for our customers.


There is hardly any label that this machine cannot handle. Options such as reverse side printing and/or triple stamp are of course possible on the fly.


The very short and uncomplicated setting-up process and seamless compatibility with our finishing systems considerably reduces the throughput time for each order.

This enables us to boost productivity and cost-effectiveness especially for medium and larger print runs. „If you also consider the outstanding printing quality it becomes clear why we opted for this investment," says Josef Hitpass, owner of SYSTEM PRINT.


Advantages to you at a glance:

  • Optimum cost-effectiveness even for medium and larger print runs
  • Top quality
  • High pass precision, Euroscale colours and spot colours in a single printing pass
  • Less waste, lower costs and high productivity
  • High degree of flexibility and rapid delivery even with very large print runs
A label printing company for all sectors

Trade, industry, craft and service providers

SYSTEM PRINT offers attractive pricing, flexibility and reliability at maximum quality for all industries:

  • chemistry, pharmaceutical
  • transport, logistics
  • parcel services
  • metal
  • electrical
  • automotive
  • food
  • textile industry
  • hygiene, cosmetics
  • plastics industry
  • solar systems, air conditioning systems
  • etc


We print labels for all applications:

  • temperature-resistant
  • UV light resistand
  • solvent resistand
  • scratch proof / abrasion proof
  • ISEGA-certified (food labeling technology)
  • etc.


Varied and flexible

Individual applications



  • paper
  • PE-foil
  • PET-foil
  • PP-foil
  • PVC-foil
  • Tyvec
  • silk
  • cardboard
  • RF-/RFID-capable material
  • nameplates
  • many other adhesive materials
  • and special materials


Adhesive variants

  • permanent
  • removable
  • alkaline solubility
  • water soluble
  • ISEGA-certified (food labeling technology)
  • many other adhesives with special properties



  • freeform punching
  • sequential numbering
  • 3D-/hologram effect
  • paintwork
  • lamination
  • embossing
  • hot stamping
  • cold stamping
  • destructible security punch
  • multilayer sandwich labels
  • reflective colors

Printed labels for customers in Bocholt, Borken, Bottrop, Emmerich, Hamminkeln, Isselburg, Kleve, Rees, Rhede, Wesel, Xanten - national and international - November 2020