Label dispenser
E70 S • SP-AV • SP-AH


Table dispenser

Efficient and easy application of labels is of vital importance in packing lines or tables if piecework and set cycles are to be kept.


For such purposes SYSTEM PRINT offers a number of different designs that can be integrated into your own individual production chain quite easily, e.g.:

  • mechanical, electronic, semi or fully automatic
  • standard designs
  • tailor-made customer solutions
  • easy to integrate into packing lines
Typ – E70 S

Semiautomatically label dispenser E70 S


The solution for "small",  decentralized labeling-work

  • ideal table label-dispenser
  • reliable, easy to handle with handle-bar
  • slip-resistand stand and inexpensive
  • also suitable for transparent labels

Technical Data


  • Working width: 115 mm
  • Roll size: Outer diameter 200 mm max. (optionally up to 350 mm)
  • Inner core: 40 - 76 mm
  • Label scanning: Mikro-Stop (also suitable for transparent labels)
  • Dimensions: 300 (l) x 250 (w) x 180 mm (h)

Label dispensers for customers in Bocholt, Borken, Bottrop, Emmerich, Hamminkeln, Isselburg, Kleve, Rees, Rhede, Wesel, Xanten - national and international - May 2022