Special Identification Plates

Special Identification Plates

The production of customised “special identification plates” is a particular SYSTEM PRINT strong point.


Labels with individual technical features demand a high level of quality assurance and know-how from both production and all components involved in the printing process.


SYSTEM PRINT produces special labels that have a high resistance to temperature, solvents, UV and light, that are abrasion resistant, resistant to mechanical wear and tear and destructibility (safety labels), on request with UL or PTB certification.


Global players from a multitude of different branches put their trust in the high-quality products of SYSTEM PRINT wherever the focus is on product labels that need to remain permanently legible.


Identification plates for customers in Bocholt, Borken, Bottrop, Emmerich, Hamminkeln, Isselburg, Kleve, Rees, Rhede, Wesel, Xanten - national and international - January 2022