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Development of new quality standards with Belissima technology

Enhancing customer relationships following a successful switch to a new digitally modulated screening - Bellissima.

Historically, System Print worked with CMYK and multiple spot colors on their flexo printed labels; this was an area they looked to optimize.

"We were looking for a solution which would help improve the quality of our printing, while also addressing the market challenges facing us; this included the increasing requests for shorter run lengths while trying to produce less waste and achieve additional cost savings." said Phillip Hitpaß, general Manager of System Print."

"The introduction of Bellissima came from System Print's long-term reprographics supplier, Carl Ostermann Erben (COE). "We've worked with Torben Segelken at COE for many years; the COE team has a good understanding of our business needs. When Torben approached us with Bellissima print samples and presented the technology, we knew that this was something which would benefit our business and customers."

System Print began a project with COE and one particular brand owner, Land Juweel, a family-run potato farming and packaging company based in The Netherlands.

Land Juweel was already benefitting from Bellissima's increased image fidelity; as Phillip explains, "Since we introduced Bellissima to our customers, they have been impressed with the uplift in quality. In particular, the sharper edges of their imagery are more vibrant, and the fine text and details are more legible, especially at small point sizes."

Hitpaß continues: "In the past, we needed to run jobs like this by using CMYK + 2 spot colors. We conducted preliminary tests to match the spot colors and were pleasantly surprised at the results with Bellissima; we achieved the target with a fixed palette of just CMYK. With Land Juweel's support, we now print its labels using just four colors. They see this as a fantastic result as our production has reduced the use of inks and solvents to produce more environmentally friendly labels for the brand." "These positive results using Bellissima has enhanced our relationships with many customers - we look forward to continuing working with this level of quality for many years ahead," concludes Dimitri Jansen, Head of sales at System Print.